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Help Create the Future— Support Your Industry

As an ICSC member, we are requesting that you donate a minimum of $10 to the ICSC Foundation this year. Your tax-deductible contribution will be publicly recognized in the ICSC Foundation 2011 annual report!

The ICSC Foundation annually provides 45 scholarships that support real estate professionals and students. These scholarships allow us to attract and retain the best talent to the retail real estate industry.

“Words struggle to convey my deepest sense of gratitude for the Schurgin Family Foundation Scholarship. Beyond the wonderful pecuniary benefits of receiving tuition aid, I can say with confidence that the prestige of being recognized by ICSC is equally if not more rewarding. I have been completely humbled and awestruck by this entire experience.” —Michael C. Bowen, 2011 Scholarship Recipient

A gift of any size will support scholarship and community outreach programs. Help create the future by supporting your industry. Donate $10, $25 or $50 today! After you donate, please forward this on to two of your colleagues to ask that they support our industry too.

Donate Now
If you have already given a gift, thank you for your support!


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