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Retailers Finding New Ways to Use QR Codes

People around the world are finding new and creative ways to use Quick Response (QR) codes to help boost sales and promote causes. Retailers are at the forefront this holiday season.

J.C. Penny has launched Santa Tags that uses individualized QR codes that could be scanned in order to record a personalized voice message. When someone receives the gift they can scan the code on the tag to hear the recorded message.

If you need more information on that toy you were looking at in the annual Great Big Toys “r” Us Book then you can just scan the QR code and consumers will be provided with additional product information to make purchase decisions.

Sears and Kmart are taking the use of QR Codes to a new level, deploying mobile shopping walls in various places such as airports, malls and theaters. The walls feature pictures of merchandise with it’s own QR code to purchase via a mobile transaction, the items then could be shipped to the shopper.

Starbucks is using QR codes in their advertising to educate consumers about its coffee. The codes appear in newspapers, magazines and even outdoor ads and once scanned direct consumers to a mobile website with information on its coffee and find the nearest Starbucks location.

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