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DDR launches mobile-marketing technology

DDR Corp. says it will launch a location-based, mobile-marketing platform called ValuText, which will send shoppers text messages about deals and promotions at various retailers while they shop. The opt-in program, to be set up at 27 DDR shopping centers, will allow sign-up online or by text. The technology lets retailers send text messages to consumers within a specific geographic area. DDR says it will not be tracking information about shoppers through their cell phones. Participants will receive messages from retailers only when they are actually at the shopping centers, and they will be able to tailor the offers they receive. ValuText works on nearly all phone types. Cohn Marketing Group helped DDR develop and implement the program.

“DDR is committed to ensuring that our retailers have every tool they need to succeed,” said John S. Kokinchak, senior executive vice president and chief administrative officer, in a prepared statement. “ValuText helps our tenants by giving potential customers access to real-time, location-based offers, thereby driving traffic to their stores. In addition, the program creates value for shoppers by providing timely information at the exact point of purchase — the shopping center.”

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