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How to Get Your Retailers to Participate in Social Media

Not unlike other marketing professionals in our industry, the team at Cypress Equities faced the challenge of finding the perfect way to not only educate our merchants on the value of social media, but also to motivate them to participate in a social media program – either through our center-wide initiatives or one of their own. Because most people are visual learners and tend to better retain information when it is demonstrated in an applicable fashion, we decided to take a different approach to accomplishing social media education and retailer motivation.
Cypress Equities partnered with our digital agency, Dallas-based Agency Entourage, to create a video that showcases a practical scenario of posting content to a myriad of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The video demonstrates the direct impact of social media and how strategic postings can change and guide consumer behavior, thus resulting in brand ambassadors who in turn help drive shopper traffic and merchant sales.
We hope you find this video ( helpful in your own merchant education and motivation efforts and welcome you to incorporate this video into your social media training.
Randa McMinn
SVP, Marketing & Business Development
Cypress Equities and SRS Real Estate Partners

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