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Get to know the #iTechLounge Speakers: Kristen Moore, Regency Centers

Kristen Moore, CMD
Senior Manager, Marketing Communications
Regency Centers

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

Twenty-three years ago, I answered a classified ad for a public relations position with a Philadelphia-area shopping center. Little did I know, I would be seduced into a lifelong career in commercial real estate marketing by cutting my teeth at the country’s largest shopping mecca King of Prussia Mall. My energy and motivation comes from solving a need with the smart use of marketing, whether it’s increasing Harry Potter book sales through the country’s first midnight drive-through lane or securing a lease extension with Old Navy through a custom operations/marketing plan. I’ve worked with some of the best developers including Kravco Simon, Westfield, General Growth Properties and now, Regency Centers.

Today, I create and deliver content to achieve Regency Center’s business goals, which are primarily to drive leasing, retain tenants and engage employees.

Where do you see the industry heading in regards to mobile, social and digital in the next 5 years?

So many ideas, so little space. I’ll focus on where I spend most of my time – how landlords market their retail space to businesses. I love the shift from push marketing to inbound marketing, where companies share their knowledge in a way that attracts customers to make a purchase decision. The message is no longer about our companies which is atypical to how commercial real estate firms traditionally talk. As a result, commercial real estate developers will evolve the information they publish and how that content is delivered through such media as blogs, eBooks, newsletters or infographics.

What is your favorite social network?

For business, I think Twitter is indispensable. It has exponentially increased my business intelligence by expanding my library of news sources while conversely narrowing my reading list to the most useful. Oddly, you develop a kinship with people you’ve never met, but who you read and share with daily.

What is your favorite mobile app?

I’m totally fascinated by Vine, which forces you to concisely tell your story visually within six seconds. Click here to see my first Vine attempt to introduce Regency’s new leasing agent Web pages.

What can people expect to hear at your #iTechLounge session at RECon?

“Tweet Life of a Leasing Agent” focuses on how real estate brokers get started on Twitter – understanding why, wording posts, deciphering lingo and building the right followers. Stop by on Tuesday, May 21, at 4 p.m. in the MarketPlace Mall in North Hall.

How can people reach you on social networks?

Please connect with me on Twitter (@KristenKMoore) and LinkedIn (

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