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Get to know the #iTechLounge Speakers: Patrick Braswell, Ten Eight

Patrick Braswell is the Co-Founder of Ten Eight ( the first ever virtual and interactive tour booklet app that allows brokers and their clients the ability to store floor plans and flyers, rate commercial properties, take pictures, take notes, and evaluate building options side by side., Former Principal of Scotland Wright Associates ( a full service commercial real estate brokerage firm based in Atlanta that exclusively represents Tenants with their office and industrial needs, and Founder of a website that produces 5 – 7 closed office deals a year from internet leads.

Over the next 5 years I truly believe that 100% of the brokers day to day workflow will be available on their mobile devices.  Right now most brokers can access emails, prospect / client contact information and building information via a mobile devices, but usually not deal information or tour books.  However, in 5 years enough commercial real estate technology companies will have produce tools specific to brokers and managing their deals that all of their workflow will be accessible via their mobile device.

LinkedIn is by far the best tool for brokers when it comes to prospecting.  Over my 10 years as a broker I’ve learned the very important lesson that a relationship is everything is commercial real estate.  With that, over the last 2.5 years that I was a broker I focused my prospecting efforts through LinkedIn vs. cold calling with great success.  Over that time span 80% of my new deals came from a relationship that was developed through LinkedIn.  Most brokers are on LinkedIn, but few actually do searches for companies on LinkedIn.  Try it.  See how you’re connected to C-Level individuals within a company and reach out to those mutual contacts to connect.  It works.

My favorite mobile app is Ten Eight, but that is because I’m the CEO of the company.  So, in an effort to be PC, I’d say the next best mobile app for CRE brokers would be Solve360.  It is a CRM that I’ve used for brokerage for 2.5 years and I love their mobile website.  The biggest advantage to the app is its deal rooms that allow me to access important docs of deals in progress.  So, at any time I can pull up a RFP, LOI, or Lease Document.  It also allows my client to do the same on their mobile devices.  Great software.

At my session, I’ll discuss the various mobile tour book apps available to brokers.  I’ll mostly be discussing Ten Eight and its features because it is the only true CRE tour book app that exists today.  However, I will also share alternatives that can act as a tour book app as well.

Email: or Twitter Handle: @PatrickBraswell

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