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Get to know the #iTechLounge Speakers: Alex Markson, Property Capsule


I’m Alex Markson and I am CEO/Co-Founder of Property Capsule (  We make tools for deal makers.

We provide a cloud-based platform for managing & presenting portfolios.  We make your business move faster by eliminating duplicate effort, automating through technology and increasing the quality of information while introducing new paradigms for working with your portfolio.  It’s essentially one system to deal with everything from automagically updated site plans/flyers to information rich tours & presentations, all while powering your iPad, website, mobile devices and more.   We’re going social too. :-)

If you’ve seen the movie Napolean Dynamite, you will realize that I share something very special with his brother, Kip…

I also love technology. :-)  I’ve always been obsessed with the latest in what’s going on with tech and all the innovation surrounding it.

My passion has been maximizing potential through the creative application of technology.

And right now I’m very fired up about one thing in particular… Emerging Technology for Commercial Real Estate.

We are at inflection point in the CRE game.  Deal-making had a very serious blip on the radar many years ago… it turned into a total game-changer.  It was called the Internet.  Yes, the Internet.  You may have heard of it.  People do this thing called “E MAIL” on it.  They send each other links to web sites, and PDF files… and now even links to Dropbox.  It kind of changed everything.

Well, here we are again.  At that point, where everything is about to change (it’s already begun, actually).  Yes, sounds exciting right?

My talk is just to give you a little taste of what’s happening right now in this world of CRE tech.

Things are heating up, and there is a lot of movement that simply wasn’t there just a couple years ago.

Everyone has an iPad now.  Everyone is ready for something new.

It’s happening — the game is changing.  So tune in.  Keep it moving.

I’m going to take a stab at sharing some of the #CREtech joy at a couple different levels.

I’ll start with a basic look at some fun little pieces of technology, tools that anyone could pick up and use; some of the latest from Google and Microsoft.

Next, I will move on to a broader view of the CRE tech marketplace looking at things like hot startups.  This will give you a view of the landscape of what’s happening now and who some of the players are.

Finally, I will finish off with a little rambling about a vision for the inevitable future of deal-making.

If you want to reach out, I’m



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