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INFOGRAPHIC: 4-year Cumulative Impact of Sustainability Measures

Mark Peternell, Vice President of Sustainability, Regency Centers

Today, sustainability practices are becoming more common among retail REITs with many implementing similar tactics such as smart irrigation, exterior and common area lighting controls, innovative storm water management and LEED-certified developments. Real estate owners and operators benefit from a number of benefits, such as operating expense reductions, faster entitlements, and possibly higher rental rates.

An early adopter of sustainability practices in 2008, Regency Centers continues to make steady improvement in reducing the environmental impact of developing and operating shopping centers through its greengenuity® program. The following infographic illustrates the cumulative impact of these sustainability measures during the last four years.

Mark Peternell oversees greengenuity®, Regency’s sustainability program to implement process improvements and new technologies in the development and operation of nearly 350 shopping centers nationwide while reducing the ecological impact.

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