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Q&A with Joe Rando on RECon’s MarketPlace Mall

Tell us about who you are and what you do.

Trade Area Systems (TAS) produces enterprise market knowledge systems for retail real estate called TAS Unity. Every retail focused company has a market knowledge system – a way of collecting and verifying data, as well as insights about the markets they serve – and then getting the data and insights to the people that need them to make decisions. The problem is that most companies have not thought about this process. The result is an inferior system where lots of data is inaccurate and people are making sub-optimal decisions. TAS Unity is our ENTERPRISE market knowledge system designed for retail. It connects mobile, online and desktop technology via the cloud to share the data, information, and knowledge people in the organization need to make optimal decisions.

With Marketplace Mall being a new feature of RECon how did you drive traffic to your booth?

We know that most of the people we want to talk to attend RECon. To make sure we got to talk to them we took the trouble to line up meetings with our prospects in advance of the show instead of hoping they would wander by. This resulted in our booth being “slammed” the whole time. We were thrilled.

With RECon being an appointment driven show, how did you go about setting up these appointments?

Direct mail, email, and phone calls.

When do you/should you start making appointments?

We start reaching out in early February. People usually don’t want to commit until April but if you are already communicating, you make the short list.

How did you leverage your contacts at RECon to ensure you were able to meet with them at Marketplace Mall?

We have people who meet with prospects at the booth and others who travel to meet prospects at their own booth.

What are your best practices for exhibiting at RECon’s Marketplace Mall?

Leave nothing to chance. Book as many appointments in advance as possible.

What do you do to Market your presence before, during and after the event?

Some ICSC sponsorships at smaller events. Mainly direct mail, phone calls, whitepapers, webinars, etc

Any last thoughts?

RECon is THE show for us. It is the trade show focal point of our marketing efforts.

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