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Get to know the #iTechLounge Speakers: Pablo Torres

Tell us about yourself and what do you do?
I’m the director of a mixed use property in Puebla, Mexico (yes the place that produces the Beetle) I love Marketing, cooking, biking and of course Social media.

Where do you see the industry heading in regards to mobile, social, and digital in the next 5 years?
Mobile definitely is going to take us to the next steps and digital would become part of our daily lives. Social are going to move us back and forward, engaging us and
left us. New platforms will come with more specialization.

What is your favorite social network to use and Why?
I use facebook everyday but Instagram an Foursquare are very funny. Also LinkedIn is great for work.

What is your favorite mobile app to use and why?
Instagram. In a few seconds you can be anywhere in the world

Tell us about your session at the# iTechLounge and what people can expect to hear.
“Se habla español” certainly you cannot speak to hispanics the same way you’re using with americans. Engagin process is completely different

How can people reach out to you on social?
@ptorresmx , LInkedIn by my name.

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