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Get to know the #iTechLounge Speakers: Dave Lewand

Who is Dave Lewand?
In 2009 I began working independently as a freelance commercial real estate marketing solutions provider – tapping into lessons and best practices learned in a 15+ year career in CRE software, mapping, research and marketing. As I reached out to small and mid-sized CRE firms throughout the country, I discovered a common thread: many could not edit/update their own website! (Sound familiar?)

Throughout 2010 we designed, developed and released creGROW – the first WordPress theme/template specific to commercial real estate. More recently, we’ve developed a new theme/template based on Responsive Web Design – mobile-friendly across all devices! Check it out at

Where do you see the industry heading in regards to mobile, social, and digital in the next 5 years?
Mobile web design has been my main focus these past 6 months. We monitor all current client website traffic for both anomalies and trends, then advance design in response to preferred mobile navigation patterns. 15-25% of combined site traffic is mobile, and it’s almost exclusively iOS (iPhone, iPad). Tablet sales will surpass desktop sales in 2013, and it’s reasonable to believe that within the next 3 years mobile traffic will exceed desktop traffic to CRE websites – design accordingly!

What is your favorite social network to use and Why?
Twitter. I’m a minimalist with a deep appreciation for its simplicity. Shout out to #CRE!

What is your favorite mobile app to use and why?
Spotify. It’s not possible to design or drive without music, is it?

Tell us about your session at the# iTechLounge and what people can expect to hear.
Definitely looking forward to that… It will be Monday morning at 9am – The Importance of a User-Friendly Online Presence… Your Brand, Services, People and Properties exist across multiple online environments: corporate websites, social media, property listing services, association profiles and more. As potential clients reach these online environments via their method/device of choice, how quickly are they able to access the information required to make a decision?

How can people reach out to you on social?
Pinterest (that’s right!):

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