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Retail Ready For Summer

June 21 marks the first day of summer, and along with the heat come the hottest trends on display in New York department stores. Retailers across Manhattan have spent the last week completing their visual transitions into the new season, and consumers out browsing for new summer fashions are definitely taking note.

Complemented by bright summertime hues, maritime activities and underwater adventures are the running themes along 5th Avenue windows. Each storefront tells a story reflecting their summer line, and when asked if these displays bring them inside, most customers agree they certainly play a key role.

Shopper Andrea Novembrino tends to be drawn to the new summer displays, specifically when the seasons change: “I like when it looks like someone didn’t dress the mannequins blindly. It shows me that the store is aware of the type of message they’re trying to convey.” She adds, “When new summer looks are featured in the windows, I get really excited, and I want to go inside and try everything on.”

Zenat Begum agrees with the importance what’s showcased in a store’s windows: “I’m always looking at what a mannequin is wearing, so I’m given an idea of what’s being sold in the store. If the clothes look good on the mannequin, they might look good on me, which draws me inside.”

Creativity within the storefront is also key, because it may attract a new customer, or someone that may have never thought to shop there. From the floral theme scattered across the Juicy Couture storefront, to the paper jellyfish hanging from J. Crew’s windows, stores are undoubtedly making an effort at catching a passerby’s eye.

At the same time, an accurate representation of one’s brand should be maintained. Zenat adds, “Windows are best when they’re innovative, but genuine so that they remain true to the company, and true to their style. If a display is too flashy or trying too hard, I’ll most likely keep walking.” MaryRose Doyle, visiting New York from Ireland, also mentioned the significance of a store reflecting their in displays, as. “We came here knowing where we wanted to go, and a great window certainly makes the experience of returning to a store worthwhile.” With the new season’s products, she goes on to say, “Seeing the new clothes definitely play a part in me coming inside, and trying on what’s new for summer.”

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