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Introducing the Thomas M. Menino Alliance Scholarship


The ICSC Foundation continues to meet the needs of our members in unexpected ways. This time it is focusing on the association’s public sector and nonprofit members. Those members who bridge the gap between public and private interests. The ICSC Foundation recently established a scholarship to honor one of is most active public sector members, longtime ally and Boston Mayor, Thomas M. Menino. The Thomas M. Menino Alliance Scholarship for professional development will offer training and development to ICSC members who works in the public sector or at nonprofit organizations.


With city and states budgets shrinking, giving  these public sector and nonprofit members a chance to continue their professional development is important not only to the individual member, but to the communities they serve.


Michael P. Kercheval, President and CEO of ICSC said at a ceremony last week about Mayor Menino, “he has been a staunch supporter of public–private partnerships, and sustainable and responsible economic development. We are grateful for the mayor’s continued involvement with ICSC over the years and his advocacy for retail development in Boston. This scholarship is just one way for ICSC to say thank you and continue his efforts.”


The ICSC Foundation will start accepting applications for the scholarship early this Fall. Visit the ICSC Foundation for more information on all the scholarships and educational funding offered.

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