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Get To Know MOCIAL Speaker: Stephanie Lynch

Stephanie Orton Lynch Headshot Final1. Tell us about yourself……
Understanding the power of the written word from an early age, my first job was a papergirl for the Boston Globe when I was 12 years old. Since then the world has changed and so has the way we receive and consume information.  I now deliver news and marketing communication via digital platforms such as social media.

In my role as Vice President, Communications for Delucchi Plus and Blue Bug Digital, I help our clients understand the digital landscape and how to best position their brands in the space.  This includes the successful integration of technology, creative and content to generate a positive brand presence in the online environment.

Outside of work, you will find me boating in the summer, skiing in the winter and filling in the other days with running, yoga and volunteering with the Special Olympics.

2. With society’s increasing dependence on technology, what changes in marketing strategies has it made in the last few years?
Marketing strategies are now laser-focused on reaching customers with little to no budgetary waste.  Unlike radio and print advertising, digital marketing and social media provides us an opportunity to directly communicate to an audience who has expressed interest in the brand and/or meets the brand’s desired demographic profile.  We can monitor and micro-adjust our digital advertising and social media in “real time” and make strategy decisions accordingly.

3. What have been the benefits of incorporating digital marketing and mobile apps into your corporation?
The primary benefit has been to experiment and learn.  With the ability to track user’s behavior we can see what is working and what is not.  We can adjust ad campaigns based on conversions and mobile app features based on usage.  These types of marketing initiatives are rapidly evolving and we have the opportunity to evolve with industry.

4. In what ways has the digital age revitalized your industry?
The digital age has created an unprecedented number of ways to communicate with customers. Gone are the days of relying on paid media to create a buzz.

5. How important is consumer engagement? How do you bring attention to your brand through your social media channels / mobile apps?
Engagement is key.  The Facebook news feed algorithm responds to many different signals such as likes, shares, and comments to determine what is shown.  People not interacting with your page or hiding a post, sends a negative signal.  In order for your content to be seen by the largest audience possible, you MUST HAVE engagement.

Beyond Facebook, engagement is a telltale sign as to whether or not your content is of interest to your followers.  Social media is designed to be a two-way conversation; therefore it is easy to determine what people are interested in simply based on what they engage with.

The trick to bringing the most attention to your brand is to develop content that is interesting, valuable to the audience and includes images and multi-media.

6. What do you hope participants will gain by attending your MOCIAL session?
Tricks-to-the-trade.  Many social media programs are run and managed by the marketing directors and their teams.  I am hosting two sessions:

9/24 A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words – Trends and Resources to Enhance Your Social Media Through Multimedia

9/25 Get Optimized – How to perform an online audit.

I hope to provide valuable insights and resources that will help enhance everyone’s social media campaigns and online presence.

7. Is the increasing number of online shoppers a concern for you?

  1. No.  Shopping continues to be a very social experience.  This desire to be with friends, touch and feel the products and enjoy fun dining will always be a part of our shopping culture.


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