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Foundation Fridays: Impact of the ICSC Foundation

Scholarship Post

On November 1, the ICSC Foundation will be accepting applications for our entire catalogue of scholarships and fellowships. Every year we add more opportunities for those looking to enter retail real estate. Astonishingly, since 2007, we have increased the number of scholarships awarded by nearly 400%.We are proud of the success of our academic programs. They have made a big impact on the future of our industry.


Why are we proud?

  • Over $775,000 has been awarded toward scholastic and continuing education
  • Nearly 300 individuals presented with academic and professional development scholarship awards
  • 89% of past undergraduate and graduate scholarship recipients have remained active in the retail real estate industry
  • Fiala Fellowship recipients have created tools for the industry in key areas such as sustainability, and career development
  • The first scholarship dedicated to Latin America members has been created


Currently the ICSC Foundation is working with 25 universities throughout North America to recognize students with the ICSC Foundation Undergraduate Real Estate Award.  Each university selects a deserving student who has demonstrated an interest in real estate and academic excellence. The award includes $2,000 in tuition assistance, ICSC student membership and recognition from ICSC.


ICSC Foundation has also created unique opportunities to enrich professional development of university students, working professionals and those new to the industry.  The awards vary but they all provide the important elements to be successful in this industry: education, recognition and networking.


The ICSC Foundation is always looking for members to serve as scholarship jurors. It’s a rewarding experience, but tough when you realize how many incredible individuals need our help. That is why one of the goals of the ICSC Foundation Capital Campaign is to raise $5 million dollars to help expand the scholarship program. Contact the ICSC Foundation to find out how to be a scholarship judge.


Thank you to ICSC members for making these scholarships and fellowships possible. From submitting applications, judging and donating to sustain this program, ICSC members make this all possible. We are currently accepting applications for the John T. Riordan Professional Education Scholarships and the Planigrupo Latin America Fellowship in Honor of Milton Cooper and David Henry.

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