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Introducing the Planigrupo Latin American Fellowship

The shopping center industry is booming in Latin America, and at the center are Planigrupo Latam and its chairman, Eduardo Bross. When talking about Latin America’s growing retail market with Mr. Bross, his excitement is palpable, but he will also lament about the lack of skilled workers to manage these centers.
Planigrupo decided to do something about it. In partnership with the ICSC Foundation, they established the Planigrupo Latin American Fellowship in Honor of Milton Cooper and David Henry. Milton Cooper and David Henry, Chairman and President, respectively, of Kimco Development Corp., have made a significant impact on the retail real estate landscape in Latin America. The scholarship is open to ICSC members and non-members in Latin America, who want to make a career out of retail real estate. In addition to an ICSC membership, scholarship recipients will attend the John T. Riordan School for Professional Development in Latin America, and will be honored among peers at RECon Latin America.
“Planigrupo is proud to establish this fellowship in honor of Milton Cooper and David Henry. Not only have they been great friends and business partners, but their vision and interest in Mexico has created 50,000 jobs. Kimco Development Corp. has been a leader in Latin America investing $1.5 Billion in the shopping center industry that employs over 100,000. It is important we nurture talent to continue to grow retail real estate”, said Mr. Bross.
What a great way to honor two industry leaders!
Do you know someone who wants to break into the industry? Encourage people who you think could be future industry leaders to apply for the Planigrupo Latin American Fellowship in Honor of Milton Cooper and Dave Henry. The fellowship provides the tools for success—education, recognition and networking.

¡Inscríbase hoy! Deadline is January 20, 2014. For more information visit

¡Muchas Gracias Planigrupo y Mr. Bross!

This fellowship is an example of the kind of initiatives the ICSC Foundation $5 million Capital Campaign will grow. Thank you to the members for your support.

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