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SeeItFit partners with retailers to bring consumers a virtual dressing room

Written by: John Crossman

With “selfie” selected as the word of 2013, it seems a new website has taken the term as a call to action., launched in November 2013, promoting ecommerce by providing a new online shopping experience.  By partnering with retailers to create a virtual dressing room, users can upload a personal full-body photo to “try on” selected fashion items and share via their personal social media channels or post to the site’s public gallery.
The site’s focus personalizes ecommerce by helping online shoppers get real time feedback on the proverbial fashion question: “How does it look?” SeeItFit offers customized options for retailer partners, including allowing shoppers to see an item on before making a purchase, and getting size and accessory recommendations.  SeeItFit’s founders believe the seeing and sharing aspect of their site and easy integration for retailers are industry game changers.  While the site is young, SeeItFit contends it is a solution for retailers to increase conversion rates, decrease returns and capture some of the $18+B left in online shopping carts each year.
SeeItFit offers retailers up-sale opportunities as users add to their virtual closets and get feedback from friends and targeted marketing from retailers.  The site is free.
Other sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Snap Chat have succeeded in the free photo sharing model, but we’ve not yet seen this take hold in an online retail “virtual try on” arena.  There are many companies forging into online shopping augment reality solutions.  SeeItFit does not offer avatars.  They encourage users to upload a picture, see items on and share the looks.  SeeItFit currently provides a number of retailers, including brands like Zara, Under Armor, Lord & Taylor and Banana Republic.  This company is one to watch this year and could be the long-needed solution to online shopping.

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