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ICSC Offers Job Seekers A Helping Hand

ICSC members around the world know they can visit the association’s online jobs board to post or browse through job listings and résumés. Indeed, this free service has long been one of the most popular features of the ICSC website. But when it comes to finding a job — or finding an ideal job candidate, for that matter — ICSC can be a helpful resource in other ways as well. “The jobs board is great for helping both employers and people seeking employment, because we’re constantly updating it and adding new opportunities there,” said Jennifer Marotta Collin, ICSC’s membership development manager. “But there are also ways to network and build contacts through ICSC that can be every bit as valuable as posting on our jobs board.”

Real estate is a relationship-based business, so those ICSC members who volunteer with the organization stand to learn more about the industry even as they forge new connections with potential employers or job candidates, Collin says. Volunteer opportunities include serving as a speaker or panelist at ICSC events; judging awards programs; contributing to the association’s philanthropic foundation; working with young people through the Next Generation program; planning and setting agenda topics for local programs or large conferences; and lobbying lawmakers.

Job seekers may also gain an edge over the competition by pursuing professional certification through ICSC, Collin notes. Becoming a Certified Retail Property Executive (CRX), a Certified Shopping Center Manager (CSM) or any of the other designations available can help a professional to build confidence for earning a promotion, or may boost personal marketability for job offers. Certification may also be associated with higher pay, more-attractive employer incentives and a greater level of peer recognition. “The whole purpose of the 50-year-old program is to enable marketing, leasing, management and development professionals to attain the highest level of competency in their given fields,” she said. “When you get ICSC-certified and add that to your profile, it shows that you really care about and understand the industry.”

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