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Check out this Q&A with RECon Latin America Speaker Julian Treasure

Julian TreasureTell us about yourself
Julian Treasure is founder and chairman of The Sound Agency, a UK-based audio branding consultancy that asks and answers the question: “How does your brand sound?”. For 10 years TSA has been proving that good sound is good business for clients such as Harrods, Nokia, BP and many major shopping malls across Europe. His book Sound Business is the seminal work on creating intentional, effective business sound. He has been widely featured as a sound and communication expert in the world’s radio, print and web media, including TIME Magazine, The Economist and The Times. Julian is also a sought-after and top-rated international speaker. Collectively his four TED talks on various aspects of sound and communication have been viewed an estimated seven million times; his talk on conscious listening is in the rare group that have achieved over 1.5 million views on, putting it in the top 100 TED talks of all time.

Where do you see the industry in five years?
In five years shopping centers will be focused on delivering two things: designing experience (in all five senses) that delights and engages; and facilitating community through imaginative social spaces.

Why are you excited for the future of the industry?
I’m excited because so far the industry has hardly scratched the surface of what sound can do. In a few years we’ll look back on bad acoustics, lots of M&E noise, and mindless pop music played through low quality sound systems and wonder how anyone ever thought that was a great retail environment.

Tell us about your session at the conference.
My session will transform attendees’ relationship with sound for ever! I will show how sound affects us all and why we don’t notice this. I will explore how good sound is good business for brands, especially in retail, with examples of how sound can increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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