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Does Congress Hear You? Does It Matter?

SLS Infographic, draft 5.jpgIt’s less than a week out from ICSC’s Strategic Leadership Summit (SLS) Will you be there? Wait, you’re not even sure what it is? As part of ICSC’s efforts to make sure that our industry is represented before elected officials, each year we organize an opportunity for our members travel to Washington, DC and meet with members of Congress. This year SLS is March 25-26. Now you may think that politics isn’t “your thing” or maybe you have an interest but haven’t really engaged before. This infographic helps explain why it matters. ICSC’s Office of Global Public Policy is here to make sure that you have a voice with elected officials and to teach you how to use it.

The first thing you can do is participate in SLS next week. Just because you won’t be in DC doesn’t mean you can’t be involved. Doing something as simple as calling, emailing or tweeting a Congressional office will help amplify efforts to promote legislative issues that are important to the industry-such as efairness, tax reform and environmental regulation. And, if you take a moment to do it next week, you will be adding to the hundreds of voices that will be talking with members of Congress about these issues. Simply visit and you will learn more about our priority legislative concerns and how you can get engaged from your desk.

Keep on the lookout for more tips on how you can get more involved in the political process to help your business and the shopping center industry.

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