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Q&A with #RECon14 Speaker Michael Todasco

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Tell us about yourself and what do you do?
Personally: Married with a three year old boy who likes to play with cars and his eight month old sister who tries to eat his cars.
Professionally: I am the Product Launch Manager on PayPal Beacon which means I spend a lot of time with our little black devices. Before that I was on the team that launched PayPal Here. Prior to joining PayPal I was at a few startups and did time in the paper industry.

What will you be covering at your #HappinessLounge #ICSCTechTalk at #RECon14 and what should people expect to learn?
I will be talking about PayPal Beacon and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. We have the potential to change how merchants interact with consumers in retail and give consumers a customized experience that could previously only be done online. Given the ubiquity of smartphones with BLE hardware, there is an enormous opportunity in front of us.

What new technologies are you excited about and why?
The interconnected home really excites me! I was the guy ten years ago who had a robotic lawnmower inefficiently cutting my grass. Things have come so far and we’re at the point where appliances, lighting, security and just about anything that uses electricity in your home can be connected to your cellphone. Now we just have to make them smarter!

What is your favorite social network to use and Why?
I’m a LinkedIn Geek (yes there are LinkedIn Geeks). I’m on it throughout the day and love what they have done with integrating Pulse and their Influencer network.

What is your favorite mobile app to use and why? Business or personal?
Zite is the app where I spend the most time browsing on my phone. It is a pretty simple, bare bones interface and curates articles I don’t get from other sources. I love how my feed is intertwined with everything from Payment industry news and Star Wars Episode VII gossip.

How can people reach out to you on social media?
Twitter: @todasco

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