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Q&A with #RECon14 Speaker John Fors

John Fors Closeup
Tell us about yourself and what do you do?
I’m a Senior National Sales Executive for Coca-Cola and I manage our MGM Resorts International global account. This means I manage Coca-Cola sales and marketing in all of the MGM Resorts Properties here on the Las Vegas strip and in international locations such as Macau and mainland China. I am based in Las Vegas and I enjoy volunteering for Las Vegas After-School All-Stars which offers comprehensive after-school programming to keep kids safe and healthy and help them to succeed in school and in life.

What will you be covering at your #HappinessLounge #RECon14 session and what should people expect to learn?
My segment is about Coca-Cola’s efforts to promote an active, healthy lifestyle. Coca-Cola recognizes that obesity is a serious challenge for our society. As the world’s largest beverage company we are committed to doing our part to help fight against obesity. Come learn about actions our company and our bottling partners are taking to address this important issue, including educating our consumers, offering a wide variety of beverage options and supporting community organizations that promote a healthy diet and exercise.

What new technologies are you excited about and why?

The new Keurig Cold at home beverage machine thats being developed by the Coca-Cola Company and Keurig. I believe that it will revolutionize how we purchase, produce and consume beverages.

What is your favorite social network to use and Why?
I am not actively involved in social networks.

What is your favorite mobile app to use and why? Business or personal?
I use the Coca-Cola Ambassador mobile app for both business and personal. It has up-to-date information on our products that helps me address questions from my customer. It also has information about our work in the community. The mobile app is available to everyone and I encourage you to download it to your smartphone.

How can people reach out to you on social media?
I don’t use social media for my job, so please feel free to talk to me before or after my presentation.

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