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Q&A with #RECon14 Speaker Rebecca Hecksel

RebeccaHeckselTell us about yourself and what do you do?
I am the Director of Public Affairs & Communications for Coca-Cola in AZ, NM and NV. In my role, I manage relationships with elected officials, the community and the media. I also support all of our different functions within our production, sales and distribution systems.

What will you be covering at your #HappinessLounge #RECon14 session and what should people expect to learn?
I will cover two sessions on Sunday. My first session is “Coca-Cola’s Commitment to the Community” in which you can learn more about how Coca-Cola supports community initiatives such as education, diversity and inclusion and active healthy living. My second session is “Active Healthy Living” which covers all the great things Coca-Cola is doing to address obesity and promote an active, healthy lifestyle.

What new technologies are you excited about and why?
Smartphones. They just keep on getting smarter and there’s so much we can do with them now. I look forward to more apps in the future that let me manage my life and work from my smartphone.

What is your favorite social network to use and Why?
I use Facebook for work and personal occasions. I get to do so many cool things working for Coca-Cola and I’m proud to share them with my friends and family.

What is your favorite mobile app to use and why? Business or personal?
The Coca-Cola Ambassador App is really cool! We put so much information on the app and its constantly being updated. Its open to the public because we want our consumers to be fully informed about our brands, products and our work in the community. Plus, it’s so dynamic, colorful and easy to use.

How can people reach out to you on social media?
My twitter handle is @BecksHecks

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