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3 Ways to brand a luxury building

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By: Rodrigo Lopez, Chief Creative Officer, Neoscape

Luxury is an overused marketing term, especially when it comes to real estate. Is there any property today that does not have luxury finishes or offer a luxury brand or luxury shopping experience as its core message? What makes luxury, luxury?

When the market is saturated with the term, how does a marketer ensure that the concept is conveyed in a way that truly resonates with a potential buyer or user?

Here’s what luxury means to us and how we use visual narratives to brand a building as “luxury.”

  1. Multi-sensory and multi-dimensional: Luxury should not be a “one dimensional” concept.  It’s multi-sensory tactile and precise, with sensuality that evokes an emotion. Can you feel the weight of the brochure, are there different textures to show different materials used throughout the building?
  2. Keep it sophisticated, yet simple: Do not try too hard. Luxury is already an exclusive category so the image or film should create an emotion of longing. It should show just enough detail to know you want it, but also allow the imagination to show your specific future in the building or space. For example, in this Mansion on Madison film, it starts by showing the intricate details of the exterior stone building and moves into an elegant courtyard. Once inside, the neutral colors, simple mannequins and minimalism throughout the room show the possibilities of the space.
  3. Mobile experience: Do the materials require another medium to view the marketing assets? Is there an iPad app that explains an elaborate retail experience while reinforcing the subtle nuances that define high-end real estate? An iPad app takes you through the smallest details from viewing different angles of the space, to taking a virtual tour.

Luxury is about the collection, mood and atmosphere. It needs to appear effortless while the level of sophistication behind the messaging cannot be rivaled. To quote one of the world’s most famous designers, Coco Chanel, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”

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