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#RECon14 Recap

Wow, #RECon14 is officially a wrap! Social Media was definitely in full swing this year making a bigger splash than ever in #hashtag land! We ended up reaching over 6.9 million twitter followers and over 48.3 million impressions! That is a 49% in reach and 46% impressions over last year!

We partnered with HootSuite again this year to monitor and track all the activity on social. We used their new product called the Command Center that displayed all the latest tweets and stats on RECon live at the ICSC Coca-Cola lounge.


Now to the ICSC Coca-Cola Happiness Lounge, we evolved from the Social Media Pavilion to the #iTechLounge and now into the ICSC Coca-Cola Happiness Lounge. We held sessions all three days on Social and Digital Marketing, we launched the #MyStepsCount social campaign and a basketball hoop challenge in which our very own Jesse Tron came in 2nd place with a 103 points! We also gave over 6200 samples of Coca-Cola products within those three days! We had free Wi-Fi and charging stations provided by Verizon. Check out the video below to see the lounge in its full effect.

Speaking of the #MyStepsCount, we had about 1.4 million steps counted at RECon and shout out to Amie Leibovitz for coming in 1st place in the staff challenge and winning the iPad! Shout out to Peter Stein and Ashley Smith for coming in 2nd and 3rd place! Check out to see the Instagram campaign!

Google stopped by to attend a few sessions and participated in the #MyStepsCount Instagram campaign! They also brought Sarah Malcolm a little Google onesie! LOL! JLL also had the same idea bringing over an ICSC onesie for Malcolm Jr.


Thanks to all for stopping by the lounge, can’t wait to see you again next year.

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