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RECon Zero…. “RETurn of the RECap”

By Jesse Tron (@JesseTronPR)

I hope you all had a restful and relaxing (and much deserved) long weekend filled with lazy days at the pool or the beach, cook-outs…or at least catching up on all that email and getting yourself back to “Inbox Zero” nirvana. For the record, Biz told me he completes “Inbox Zero” daily. Well, while I’m not touching your Inbox, I’ll catch you up on what you might have missed during the largest gathering of retail real estate professionals in the world and see if we can’t get to “RECon Zero.”

Chapter 1 (with apologies to A.A. Milne) in which we are introduced to RECon, and some bees, and the stories begin. Ok, ok…so no bees…thankfully. The stories however began a bit before many of you even arrived in Las Vegas. Let’s take a peek behind the curtain at RECon 14 getting underway .

Friday Set-up, still a ways to go

Photo May 16, 10 40 56 AM Photo May 16, 10 04 06 AM Photo May 16, 10 04 10 AM

And the trade show team was hard at work…

Photo May 16, 10 42 19 AM

well, most of them…

Photo May 16, 11 06 28 AM

obviously kidding…That’s Eddie (in the foreground) who runs the trade expo at RECon; and is one of the busiest people on the planet during RECon. They nearly ran us over on the way to their next meeting after the camera was put away…

But by Saturday, things were really starting to take shape.

Photo May 17, 10 56 34 AM Photo May 17, 10 57 29 AM Photo May 17, 11 00 48 AM Photo May 17, 11 01 02 AM

The Coca-Cola Happiness Lounge Truck arrived…..


Inside another Coca-Cola truck!

Photo May 16, 11 08 13 AM

One last bit of quiet….

Photo May 16, 9 08 47 AM

Before the storm


And then just like California Chrome, we were off to the races! See what you missed Day 1 at the Show.

Day 1 concluded with some very important hardware being handed out at the U.S. Maxi Awards…

PicMonkey Collage

Congrats to the winners!

A night of entertainment with host Howie Mandel for a good cause


and a chance to relax and network poolside.


Day 2 was a veritable beehive of activity. Jean Chatzky confirmed the old adage that “money never sleeps” kicking the day off at her 7:30 am keynote breakfast session.
The floors opened for business…


and so did the educational sessions.


Brad Meltzer told us to find our heroes, and thank them…





Anyone who wears that suit to RECon, with that kind of confidence, is some kind of a hero…or is color blind.

Talk amongst yourselves…I’m on a happiness break.


Of course there were deals…


and deals…


and more deals


And on day 3 Mike & Mike appeared on stage


No, not them….this Mike & Mike


That’s ICSC CEO Mike Kercheval interviewing Mike Duke, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. during our final keynote session of RECon 2014.


Of course while all that was happening in real life, the social channels were also all atwitter (see what I did there?). #RECon14 reached over 6.9 million followers on Twitter. You can see what you missed on Twitter during day 2, but Instagram was also painting quite the picture (ok, no more, I promise)…here’s what you missed.

#ankleswag was in full effect at RECon

Coca-Cola’s Scott Ryan (@spryan) never took a picture where he wasn’t holding a Coca-Cola product.


also Katie and Paige from JLL never stopped smiling…it was infectious

a ton of steps were counted…well over 1 million

here are my favorites:

you’ll get no sympathy here!

way to set the bar high guys

that is oddly specific…


Terra Nova arrived in style…where was my invite?

scratch that…where was my invite???

“The Black Widow” did some showing off

someone made a new friend

let’s start a new # for RECon 2015… #boothswag


almost done…but first

Since I have yet to figure out how to be in multiple places at the same time, much like Biz, a little bird told me some things…or in this case many little birds (and not the kind Varys uses…5 people are laughing, the rest of you are confused). So thank you to all that posted on Twitter and Instagram using #RECon14 throughout the show, you made researching and writing these posts a lot easier and a lot more fun. A very special thanks to the hardworking social media, trade expo, and RECon teams for their help.

Well, in the words of Billy Joel, “life is a series of hellos and goodbyes, I’m afraid it’s time for goodbye again,” – but I look forward to another hello at #RECon15!

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