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Learn More About Expanding Retailer Toasted


This week’s featured retailer of the week is Toasted: Crafted Grilled Cheese & Burgers. Located in Winter Park, Florida, Toasted is a fast casual restaurant that has set itself apart from the crowd thanks to its “clever, not cheesy” concept. Specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers, Toasted has amassed a loyal following since its opening in February 2013 and has become the cornerstone for crafted sandwiches in Central Florida.

Owner Jeffery Yarmuth attributes Toasted’s success to its specialized approach to a classic American sandwich. “Everyone can relate to grilled cheese. It is a nostalgic food embedded in the hearts of Americans across generations,” he says.

Southern ComfortFor a specialized restaurant like Toasted, simplicity is key to creating an impressive menu. With only two entrée categories, chefs can focus on preparing sandwiches and burgers with a wide variety of ingredients and flavors that satisfy all different preferences. Grilled cheese “purists” can find classics like “The 101,” (grilled cheese and tomato), while those with a more adventurous palate might prefer the “Fig & Goat” sandwich or the “Southern Comfort” burger.

While many customers are drawn to the familiarity and comfort of the grilled cheese themed restaurant, what keeps them coming back is Toasted’s dedication to consciousness that goes beyond its exclusive use of local ingredients. Toasted’s Vegan and Gluten-Free menu options enable customers with dietary restrictions to enjoy previously off-limit foods like cheese and bread. Furthermore, all ingredients are made on-site, including Toasted’s vegan cheese. This level of attention to quality reflects the emphasis on the customer’s experience that lies at the heart of the restaurant.

SONY DSCIn addition to its unique decorations like the “Periodic Table of Cheese,” 3-D “Cheese Wall,” and cheese-grater light fixtures, Toasted has utilized social media and technology to create a convenient, user-friendly experience for its customers. Patrons can connect through Toasted’s official website, as well as its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. The restaurant’s presence on social media has made it easy to engage frequently with its customers. “We enjoy communicating with them about their interests, not just about grilled cheeses,” Yarmuth says. The next step for Toasted in its efforts to retain a technological edge? Creating a custom app that will feature both “ordering and loyalty program capabilities,” which will further enhance the aspect of convenience for its loyal followers.

Yarmuth says they are eager to expand elsewhere in the Central Florida area and beyond, and would be open to the possibility of a new store in a mall location, provided it would be able to accommodate the store’s space criteria (1700 – 2200 square feet). Furthermore, Yarmuth explains that he likes that the store is aligned with adjacencies like Whole Foods, who not only appreciates the same care for quality food, but also attracts food-minded customers to the area throughout the day. To learn more about Toasted, check out their website.

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