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Check Out Retailer Doughnuttery

It is no question that doughnuts are a classic American dessert. While you can find full sized doughnuts almost anywhere, mini doughnuts are becoming an increasingly popular new trend. Miniature, handmade, artisan-crafted doughnuts are exactly what you will find at Doughnuttery, located in the Chelsea Market.

Though the doughnuts are miniscule in size, they are not doughnut holes, but rather a shrunken down micro version of the classic doughnuts Americans have known and loved for years. Doughnuttery specializes in this craft, making all its doughnuts fresh and decorating them on site with over 26 sugars and 5 dipping sauces. Classic flavors like vanilla glazed, powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar are sure to please, while those looking to try something less traditional will be satisfied with quirky flavors like PB&J, Mistletoe (gingerbread, cranberry, sage), and Cheesy Poof (cheddar cheese, corn, jalapeno).

Doughnuttery recently popped up in Madison Square Eats, and is planning to expand soon. While owner Evan Feldman appreciates that Doughnuttery thrives in a nontraditional retail market environment, he is open to exploring all kinds of locations for Doughnuttery’s next locations. The good news is that doughnut machines are efficient and portable, perhaps occupying less space than the pastel-colored sugar jars lining the shelves and counters. This simplifies Doughnuttery’s space criteria, leaving plenty of options open for expansion in the future.

Doughnuttery can be found in the Chelsea Market, or online at its official website.

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