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Retailers That Make Summer Pop

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Early summer days in New York are bustling as ever. The season is new and everyone is abuzz, enjoying the warm weather outside. For those in the retail industry, this time of the year is perfect for exploring new marketing techniques and launching campaigns that take advantage of the cheerful attitude associated with the summer months. For this reason, it is not surprising that many retailers have realized the value in setting up temporary store locations know as pop-ups.

The Kellogg’s Recharge Bar pop-up shop opened on June 24, 2014, drawing passersby in for the rest of the week with free customizable bowls of cereal. What kept people in the bar after they finished their breakfast were all the interactive, high-tech activities like photo booth karaoke and an app that makes customers look like the star of the cereal boxes. Customers who took to Twitter and Facebook telling their followers about the Recharge Bar won t-shirts if they used the hashtag #CerealAndMilk. Performers like The Roots and dancer Derek Hough were also there to add to the excitement and keep people enthusiastic about the Kellogg’s pop-up.

The pop-up shop concept seems to be successful for food retailers, often opening for short amounts of time and finding plenty of success. UrbanSpace coordinated Madison Square Eats during the month of May and Broadway Bites, which will be open until August 1st. These pop-up markets feature over 25 different retailers with foods from all over the world and tastes for every palate. Stand-alone pop-up shops are successful as well; Cracker Jack had a one-day pop-up location in Herald Square on June 26, and Talenti opened a pop-up shop for its gelato in Bryant Park on June 18. Other pop-up restaurants in the city this summer include Mission Chinese, Eureka, Van Leeuwen ice cream, and more.

Clothing/shoe retailers Everlane, Transience, BucketFeet, Le Moynat have also been popping up around the city and will remain in business for various durations through this summer. The only downside to these fun shops is that you might miss them if you aren’t paying attention! One of the best ways to find pop-up shops in New York is to keep your eyes peeled while walking around the city. Be sure to look for pop ups in your neighborhood this summer.

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