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Q&A with MOCIAL Speaker Jeff Gibb

Jeff GibbWhat are your favorite apps to use?
My apps fall into two categories – Ones that make my life easy/efficient (Google Maps, TripIt, Fitbit, Kindle), or Apps that entertain (Instagram, Hootsuite, Spotify, Swarm).

With society’s increasing dependence on technology, what changes in marketing strategies has it made in last few years?
You can talk about different channels, funnels or customer journeys, but the biggest advancement I’ve seen in marketing in the past few years is marketing in the moment. Technology is so pervasive these days, you need to reach customers when they are read to engage. That can be done through a mobile app, in social or even with a well timed email.

What have been the benefits of incorporating digital marketing and mobile apps into your corporation?
Speaking for our (Simply Measured) customers, deeper integration between digital marketing and mobile has made for a smoother experience for the customer. Many times, social can be the bridge between mobile and digital. A tweet can drive people to a mobile optimized site while a Facebook Ad can drive people to install a native App. Consumers have a choice in how they consume the offering.

In what ways has the digital age revitalized your industry?
(not sure this will be relevant as Simply Measured is a tech company providing social media analytics to brands, but I’m happy to provide an answer if it would be helpful)

How important is consumer engagement? How do you bring attention to your brand through you social media channels/mobile apps?
If I had to choose only one metric to measure success in social it would be engagement. Others like audience size, reach and impressions are important, but Engagement is the ultimate consumer action within social media.

What do you hope participants will gain by attending your MOCIAL session?
I hope that people walk away with a list of ways to improve social channels they are currently on, a list of new ones to try and confidence that data and measurement will guide their strategy moving forward.

Is the increasing number of online shoppers a concern to you?
I don’t think it’s a concern. I think it’s very interesting that Web Only ecommerce sites like Warby Parker and Bonobos have opened brick and mortar stores. Physical retail is still essential to the success of a brand.

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