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Fendi Pops Up in Soho

fendi and lights
Luxury brand Fendi is stirring up interest in Soho, where it has opened a new pop-up shop on Greene Street. Although the Fendi flagship store is located in the city on Fifth Avenue, the pop-up is a fun way to attract customers in the bustling downtown area teeming with curious tourists and shoppers. The store will be open for the next six months, and each month will be revamped with a different theme and limited edition items.

This month’s theme is mini, with smaller handbag styles like the Petite 2jours and the Mini Peekaboo serving as the focal point of the displays. In addition to the mini handbags, the store is lined with electric blue carpeting, chic mannequins, fur and gold accents, vending machine displays, and light decorations highlighting the store’s social media hashtagged buzzwords like #fendisoho and #exclusive. The hashtags remind customers that Instagram and Twitter pictures of the store are welcome, and all are encouraged to photograph the pop-up and spread the word about the shop to their followers.

Next month’s theme will be personalization, allowing customers to focus on adding a unique twist to their bags, such as a monogram on the signature tag attached to the handle. It will be interesting to see how the store will change with the new themes over the next few months. For the latest information on the shop, check out Fendi’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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