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Check Out Retailer of the Week, The Organic Pharmacy

Most people associate organic products with food, but The Organic Pharmacy makes handmade, luxurious, organic products available in every department of body care from makeup to skincare to supplements and more. The London-based brand is dedicated to bringing the best quality product to clients and curing ailments from the inside out with organic ingredients and homeopathic professionals assessing customers’ needs.

The Organic Pharmacy opened its first New York location at the end of June. Founder Margo Marrone says the next step in expanding is a flagship store in Hong Kong. While The Organic Pharmacy is all over Europe and expanding in North America, this will be the first Organic Pharmacy store in Asia. “We usually look for other luxury skin care brands and fashion brands that have a similar customer profile and who will attract additional footfall,” Margo says of the brand’s preferred retailer adjacencies. For more information about The Organic Pharmacy, check out the official website.

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  1. Great post, I consider treatment with organic medicine the best way to cure decease and it also reduced the risk of side effects as well.