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JTR School for Professional Development!!!


What is the John T. Riordan School for Professional Development?

The John T. Riordan (JTR) School for Professional Development is an exciting week of training designed for real estate professionals across North America to learn from key industry leaders specializing in their field of study and to earn their ICSC certification. The school offers seven different institutes and offers attendees the opportunity to network with fellow participants and faculty while learning practical tools and real-life knowledge. Activities for the week will range from formal lectures, class discussions and workshops to a poolside BBQ dinner and a Shopping Center tour.

Why Attend the John T. Riordan School for Professional Development?

By attending an institute at the John T. Riordan School for professional development you will learn from some of the best industry professionals to sharpen your skills and advance your career for the future through class instructions and exercises combined with networking, you will equip yourself to succeed.  Many attendees go on to receive their certification, distinguishing their commitment to excellence in a specific field.

What are the Benefits of Attending the John T. Riordan School for Professional Development?

• New to 2011! – A shortened program schedule that concludes on Thursday, April 7th at Noon to provide less time out of the office

• Learn from over 35 premier faculty

• Preparation for taking a certification exam

• Choose one of seven institutes designed to fit your track of study to Increase and expand your knowledge in real estate shopping center practices in Management, Marketing, Leasing, and Development, Design & Construction

• Tailor your experience by choosing a level of training based on your experience (Level I or II)

• Build a network with other attendees across North America within your same field of learning

Certificate of Participation Awarded

A certificate of participation is awarded to attendees who attend all classes for their institute. Each attendee must sign in each class to receive this certificate.  Those who have completed the full week-long institute will receive their certificate on Thursday, April 7.

Professional Development that Leads to a Certification Designation

The John T. Riordan School for Professional Development’s curriculum is designed to equip attendees with robust training to prepare for a certification designation in Management (CSM), Marketing (CMD), Leasing (CLS), or Development, Design & Construction (CDP) depending on their track of study. 

School Faculty Members

The ICSC John T. Riordan School for professional development faculty enjoys a reputation and a prestige that few can match.  Our faculty members are not only leading practitioners in their own field, but they are also among the best teachers that offer a blend of academic excellence, real-world relevance, and practical application that provide participants with powerful tools they can use in their workplace.

What are the John T. Riordan School Institutes?

Ask anyone! Institutes are unforgettable experiences that will bring depth to your knowledge of retail real estate and shopping centers. The seven JTR institutes are certificate programs offering a wide range of courses. They are as follows:

Management I
Learn fundamental concepts to help you manage your shopping center more efficiently and grow your career.

Management II
Build your skills and master the strategic knowledge needed to maximize your center’s net operating income and long-term center value and prepare for your Certified Shopping Center Manager (CSM) Certification.

Marketing I
Learn fundamentals essential to your development as a marketing director in a changing industry.

Marketing II
Develop the knowledge and skills that will help you increase retail sales, improve relationships with retailers and increase your value to your employer as a shopping center marketing professional, plus prepare for your Certified Marketing Director (CMD) Certification.

Leasing I
Learn the fundamentals of merchandising, economics and leasing strategies to effectively impact the income and retail productivity of your center and learn about specialty leasing.

Leasing II
Increase your knowledge, leasing expertise and skills to remerchandise centers to create greater value for the owner, and prepare for your Certified Leasing Specialist (CLS) Certification.

Development, Design & Construction

Learn what it takes to make vision a reality. Nine courses in fundamental concepts on developing projects, creating innovative designs and managing the construction process from start to finish that prepare you for your Certified Development, Design and Construction (CDP) Certification.

The Riordan Legacy

The ICSC John T. Riordan School for professional development honors John T. Riordan’s legacy and his commitment to the cause of education and professional development in the shopping center industry.  It was under the stewardship of John Riordan that the school for professional development grew in both size and stature.  Today the role of faculty by industry practitioners at ICSC’s educational institutes has become a highly coveted honor and the institutes’ graduates are widely recognized as the “best of the best” in the retail.  A special scholarship program named for him has been established by the ICSC educational Foundation for deserving students attending the ICSC John t. Riordan School for professional development.  For information, log on to:

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