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What did you do for your birthday? Meet John Crossman!

By Janelle Wellman

I have worked with John for the past six months and I like to describe him as vibrant, passionate, full of talent and optimism, and an all-star volunteer – I absolutely love working with him. Based on his enthusiasm, energy, and involvement with the ICSC Next Gen program, it is almost impossible to guess his age, sure his gray hair helps give it away but on May 11, John Crossman will yet celebrate another milestone – some call it Over the Hill. You guessed it, ladies and gentleman, John Crossman is turning 40!

John isn’t fond of the idea of having a big 40th birthday party but he wants to do something to celebrate the milestone that also includes giving back. With the help of his brother Scott and lovely wife Angie, John decided to dedicate his 40th birthday to something he is very passionate about – helping college students fund their education. John is hosting a scholarship drive in honor of his birthday.

John is no stranger to working with college students. He wrote a guide to commercial real estate which was later used as a resource for the ICSC college student guide. And he often volunteers to speak at universities in the southeast. He delivers the infamous “If I were 21” presentation to students – especially at Florida State University and The University of Florida. John told me that his passion for philanthropy and working with college students was handed down to him by his late father, who was a pastor and civil rights leader. Following his father’s final wishes, the Crossman Family endowed the Rev. Kenneth C. Crossman scholarship at Bethune Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida followed by the endowment of the Crossman & Company Scholarship at John’s alma mater, Florida State University.

Naturally, the ICSC Foundation noticed John’s philanthropic pizazz and asked him to join its Board of Directors in 2008. Crossman noted “joining the Foundation Board was a huge honor for me and it helped me continue my passion for working with students.” A perfect fit. Crossman is co-chair of both the Scholarship and Development Committees and thoroughly enjoys raising money to help out college students studying Real Estate.

Instead of giving John a birthday gift, or a hard time about turning 40, he kindly requests that you give as little at $10 to his birthday scholarship drive – it is the most meaningful way that you can support his passion – working with college students.

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