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The Social Media Pavilion at ICSC RECon

For executives looking to integrate rapidly evolving social-media technology into their daily work, the Social Media Pavilion, located at S222 Q Street, is probably the place to be. The pavilion, sponsored by Cohn Marketing, is where they can explore ways that social technologies are applied in retail real estate and shopping centers both locally and globally. Cohn has eight “socialites” ready to greet attendees and answer their social-media questions.

“Social media is a hot topic in retail real estate this year,” said Sarah Malcolm, ICSC’s manager of new media. “The pavilion’s goal is to provide the road map to getting started.”

Participants will be learning to maximize business-networking activities and will see how other retail and real estate companies have incorporated social media. They will have opportunity to examine the latest features on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social-media networks and to meet industry bloggers. They can also check into the pavilion on Foursquare.

ICSC’s first official “tweet-up” will take place at the pavilion today at 4:30 pm. The pavilion will highlight the new and updated ICSC Web site, which includes a new social-media component to be launched within the next few months.

If all these features aren’t enough, the Social Media Pavilion will be giving away one iPad per day free to RECon attendees.

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