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Unusual tenant

Apparently, Sebastián Giraldo wanted so much to rent an apartment inside a mall in order to write a movie script (about a man living in a mall) that he took his campaign to the streets. He posted signs and made a video, asking mall landlord Parque Arauco to live up to its marketing claim for the Parque Arboleda center, in Pereira, Colombia: “Pereira shoppers will want to live there, because they can find all they need within the mall.” The landlord settled Giraldo into a roughly 400-square-foot “apartment,” where he received visitors and supposedly even hacked the mall’s Web site to divert visitors to his blog. At the end of January, at the end of Giraldo’s highly publicized two months there, the landlord admitted it conceived the whole thing as a publicity stunt. “During the time the campaign was on, the interactions with our Web page were constant,” said Parque Arboleda manager Juan Carlos Silva. “During the first month, Giraldo’s blog received an average of 145 visits per day.”

Brannon Boswell
Managing Editor
Shopping Centers Today

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