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Center gives Foursquare mayor perks

by Jesse Serwer

Woolbright Development has a novel way of rewarding loyal customers at its Glades Plaza open-air center: reserved parking spaces. The Boca Raton, Fla., shopping center rewards its most frequent shopper with access to a coveted curbside space and with discounts. This top shopper is chosen based on the number of his or her check-ins at stores, restaurants, malls and the like, as tallied on social-networking application Foursquare, which favors that shopper with the title of “Mayor.”

“Foursquare is one of the applications that is growing and gaining ground and [is] a way to encourage loyalty and repeat business through centers,” said Enrique Kaufer, Woolbright’s vice president of marketing and development. “During lunchtime it gets pretty packed, and one of the complaints we hear is the limited parking. It is a commodity.”

The Mayor status can be lost as quickly as it has been gained, so the promotion creates an incentive for even the most loyal of them to boost their visits still further. “We’ve noticed people are using the [parking] space, and people are checking in more — it’s gaining traction,” said Kaufer. “In everything our goal ultimately is to drive sales to our tenants. When shoppers are checking in more frequently, it drives business, because they are coming into stores and collecting perks.”

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