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(Tarrytown, NY) August 30, 2011 ñ DLC Management Corp, a national owner and operator of open-air shopping centers, announces a new social media initiative that is launching today. After unveiling several new mobile tools earlier this year at the ICSC RECon show and illustrating its commitment to embracing mobile media (including a mobile-optimized version of its website and a fully customized Property Portfolio iPad application), DLC is now moving ahead with a social media component. The company recognizes a range of benefits in communicating with both industry peers and consumers via social mediums and thus is rolling out business-to-business and business-to-consumer social networks. Fueled by the positive results of its testing on the Facebook and Twitter platforms as well as the success of its May 2011 ìGet Socialî campaign at ICSC RECon (a Social Media promotion that raised $2,000 for the ICSC Foundation/John Crossmanís College Fund Drive), DLC is launching pages on both Facebook and Twitter for 14 of its shopping centers in the Metro Atlanta area which will be geared towards the local consumer, and a ìDLC Atlantaî page on each site which will be focused on the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) business community.

The 14 property-specific networks will provide shoppers with general news about the center, information about new tenants joining the property, store openings, and event information. Perhaps of most value to local shoppers, DLC will be working to partner with its tenants to provide store-specific information on promotions, sales, hiring information, etc. ìThis is our first large scale effort to engage with the consumer on behalf of our individual shopping centersî, said Kara Scimeca, DLCís Director of Marketing. ìStarting a dialogue with shoppers has not been something weíve been able to focus our efforts on until now, and the incredible growth in usage and popularity of social media has helped us be able to do so. We look forward to providing forums for conversation where we have not done so in the past.î

The DLC Atlanta network includes a Facebook and Twitter page aimed at providing information to Brokers, Retailers and the Metro Atlanta CRE industry about DLCís Atlanta area portfolio and general happenings in this market. In addition to creating new business and uncovering leasing opportunities, DLC aims to make this network a true resource for those involved in CRE in Atlanta. A range of valuable information will be provided, from real-time leasing opportunities as spaces become available, to trade show news, local industry highlights and more. Keeping the audience informed and dialoging is key, through whichever each individualís preferred platform is. DLCís COO, Daniel Taub, noted, ìIt was important to us to provide options for our audiences to engage with us through the medium they prefer. Not everyone is both a Twitter and a Facebook user. Since one of our main goals with this B2B initiative is to drive new business, we wanted to put our content out there in multiple ways and let each audience member choose how they want to engage with us. We see these social media pages as a compliment to our existing, more traditional ways of providing information and discussing business, (i.e. our website, email marketing, direct mail campaigns, etc.) and are excited to provide another avenue to do business with our peers and colleagues.î

The 14 propertiesí pages and DLCís Atlanta pages launched today. DLC is anxious to watch these networks grow and gather interest from both the CRE industry and the patrons at its shopping centers.

About DLC Management Corporation

DLC Management is one of the fastest-growing and preeminent private retail real estate companies in the nation, with expertise in acquisition, new development, redevelopment, leasing, and management. Headquartered in New York with regional offices in Atlanta, Baltimore, and Chicago, DLC leases a portfolio of 119 open-air shopping centers, totaling over 16,700,000 square feet of retail space in 33 states. For additional information about DLC Management and its portfolio, please visit

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