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September 29, 2011
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Service Charges: ICSC calls for more transparency and certification

Authors of a landmark industry guide on Shopping Centre Service Charges across Europe, the first of its kind, are calling for clearer dialogue between landlords, tenants and property managers and the certification of management companies to drastically improve transparency in resource management. The guide, written by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Retail Asset…

September 20, 2011
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ICSC calls for physical and on-line retailing fairness

By Bertrand Courtois Suffit, Chair of the ICSC European Public Affairs Committee   Without physical stores, would retailers sell so much on-line?  And what will the move to purchase on-line mean for employment across Europe?   These issues are being debated heatedly across the region as shopping centre asset managers and retailers see the traditional…

July 12, 2011
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Leasing skills critical for industry success

July 2011, Brussels.  Leasing is seen as the most essential skill within the Retail Real Estate Industry according to students attending the 2011 International Council of Shopping Centre's European Retail Property School. More than double the number of students attended the 2011 school than the previous year, and far more students registered for this topic…

June 15, 2011
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Banks more picky, Europe Conference told

Have Europe's retail property owners, banks and regulators learned any lessons from the Great Recession they are just now climbing out of? Yes and no, the continent's top executives said during a panel discussion at the ICSC European Conference in Paris today. On the one hand, owners and banks are basing financing on cash flow…

May 6, 2011
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Glasgow’s Argyll Arcade regains its luster

By Bennett Voyles While scouting Europe for new uses for some property, mahogany importer John Reid discovered the elegant covered shopping passages of Paris. Glass-covered shopping arcades had been popular in the notoriously rainy city for 29 years and in equally rainy London for eight. Reid bet that a similar arcade would do well in…

February 2, 2011
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How Antara Polanco Revived a Corner of Mexico City..

How Antara Polanco Revived a Corner of Mexico City By Maria Bird Pico Skeptics predicted that Antara Polanco would become a white elephant, albeit a beautiful one. Instead, not only has this architecturally precocious mixed-use center grown over the past four years into a vibrant shopping and office complex, it has spurred other ambitious projects…

January 24, 2011
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How Can ICSC Benefit Students?

So, how can ICSC benefit students? Well in this interview with Michael P. Kercheval, President and CEO of International Council of Shopping Centers, he speaks on how ICSC can benefit Students. ICSC’s student program now boasts more than 1,200 members from North America, Europe, Asia, South and Central America, and Australia. Students represent more than…